Blue Lemon

Litter "L"

Litter "K"


We have two new litters

Kweny brought three wonderfull standard peruvian. Litter "K".

Dračice brought four black curly babies. Two of them have TAN drawing.  Litter "L".


A new breed in our kennel THE PERUVIAN

We decided to grow our breeding . Now we have 8 cavies. The new breed is the peruvian. We have got 3 new girl tricolor with chocolate colour.

Meny thanks to the kennel Do kapsy and the kennel Per Star :-)))


Hay-Lin has got 3 babies

Hay-Lin and Zoom has got babies, one girl lilac, two boys lilac with gold and slate blue TAN.


Lots of babies

Dračice brought black twins "E". Also Hai-Lin has 4 babies  "F"- three of them are balck, one is slate blue. Illy is the happy father.


New lady

We have a new lady Hay-Lin Amorcillo. She is a beige coronet cavy. Today we put her together with Illy Honeyland.


Dračice and Illy together

Two weeks ago we put Dračice a Illy together. We expect black tan babies


Urpha, the litter "D"

Urpha has another litter with Zoom Blue z Westminsteru. There are 3 babies, all of them seltie, two boys and one girl. She has the tan drawing.


New babies from Urpha, the litter "C"

On Suterday we got the new litter from Urpha and Zoom. There are three babies. Two boys with tan drawing and girl slate blue.